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Equestrian Club ''Civinskų žirgai''


Towards the highest goals...

About us

Equestrian club "Civinskų žirgai" is engaged in development of equestrian sport, promotion in Lithuania and abroad. In our club there are grown and maintained about 30 sports breeding horses: ‘Zemaitukai’, Hannover, ‘Trakenai’, Holstein, Poni and others.


In our stable there are equestrian fields (both indoor and outdoor), therefore we have excellent training conditions for both professional and amateur riding. The club organizes and conducts physical education and sports, shows, sports competitions and celebrations.



Riding lesson

When riding, you will learn how to manage a horse - it's not as easy as it might appear from the beginning. When you ride a horse, you will experience many positive emotions and definitely going to have a good time. The lesson will take about 45 minutes. Do not forget to pre-reserve!
The cost of the riding lesson is 25 EUR.
There is also an option to buy a monthly subscription (3 times a week
): the price is 250 EUR.

Horse care, training and transportation

If you own a horse, we offer our stable facilities: stall, feeding and training. We have a horse riding service. We will take care of your horse's feeding, stall maintenance and training. For more detailed information and prices, please contact us via the contact phone. 
We also rent trailers for horses, transport horses to the competition. There is an opportunity to transport horses to other countries.

Horses for sale

We prepare and train young horses for sale to professional riders, children and amateur riders. More information about our current horses for sale can be found via the following button:

Equestrian club '' Civinskų žirgai '' is located in the Vincas Civinskas’ farm in the Raudondvaris manor (Vilnius-Molėtai highway, between 17 and 18 km), Riešė parish, Raudondvaris village (next to the restaurant "HBH", near the European park, Gulbinai lakes).

Upcoming events



Liepų al. 2, Raudondvario km., Vilniaus raj., 14257

Phone number: +37069849749

Thanks for your enquiry! We will do our best to respond within next few days.


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